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intent data

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1st Party Intent Data reveals which companies, previously anonymous, are visiting your website pages and showing an interest in your products or services.

1st Party Intent Data can be used to support and enable your sales teams:

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1st Party Intent Data - Sales Alert

How does it work? Deliver real-time alerts to your sales teams when one of their target accounts or ideal customers are visiting your website.

How does it help? Allows your sales teams to proactively reach out to their target accounts and focus their efforts on opportunities with the highest chance of converting

Demographica’s preferred 1st Party Intent Data provider is a company called Clearbit.

To support with the implantation of your 1st Party Intent Data efforts, Demographica provides the following services:

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Setup and Connect


Setting up your 1st Party Intent Data platform requires the placement of basic code onto your website as well as some simple native integrations into your existing marketing and sales platforms.

This will allow your intent-based audiences to be easily used and accessed by your teams from their existing platforms, such as sending notifications directly into your CRM



In order to notify your teams when their target accounts or ideal customers visit your site, custom rules-based alerts need to be created.

These alerts, which use filters such as a company’s name, industry, location, or their behaviour whilst on your site, deliver an email notification when their account of interest visits your site.

We will work closely with your various teams to develop these inputs, which will then be documented and used to inform the build.



Once the blueprints have been completed and approved, our technologist will input these into the Clearbit system allowing these alerts to be delivered.

Management and Optimisation


In order to ensure that your platform is optimized, by delivering correct and relevant notifications to best enable your teams, we will offer an on-going management and maintenance of the platform

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