3rd party
intent data

B2B Marketing and Account Based Management

3rd Party Intent Data is used to understand and measure a company’s interest in a specific topic or group of topics. This data is collected from a large ecosystem of B2B research sites, known as a data co-op.

A score, known as a surge score, is then used to indicate the company’s level of interest based on its members’ online behaviour. 3rd Party Intent Data can then be overlayed with other data types to surface the most ideal target audience.

3rd  Party Intent data can be used to enhance your
organisation’s efforts in the following three ways:

B2B Marketing and Account Based Management

3rd Party Intent Data - Advertising

What is it?

The ability to generate anonymous cookie-based audiences based on their level of intent.

How does it help?

Prevent wasting media budget by only delivering display and social ads to an audience that is currently showing an interest in your products or services.

3rd Party Intent Data - Marketing

What is it?

Developing marketing campaigns focused on accounts that are currently researching topics related to your products or services.

How does it help?

Increases your chances of success, by focusing your marketing efforts on accounts that are showing signals of intent.

3rd Party Intent Data - Sales

What is it?

Enables your sales teams to reach out to a list of accounts that are currently showing intent to buy your products or services.

How does it help?

Gives your sales teams the highest chance of converting leads to customers.

Our preferred technology partner for Intent Data is a company called Bombora, an Australian-based company and the leader in the B2B Intent Data space.

To enable the implementation of your intent led efforts, Demographica provides the following services:

B2B Marketing and Account Based Management



The quality of your output will depend on the input criteria used to generate your intent data.

Bombora provides a wide range of data types and parameters to build your audience, such as demographic, firmographic, geographic, intent keywords, surge score threshold amongst others.

We will work closely with your various teams to develop these inputs ensuring that the most accurate and relevant output is generated. We will then document these criteria, known as the blueprints, to inform the build.

Setup and Connect


Setting up of your intent data platform requires some simple native integrations into your existing adverting, marketing, and sales platforms.

This will allow your intent-based audiences to be easily used and accessed by your existing tech stack. For example, this could include creating a matched audience in LinkedIn using your Bombora cookie-based audience.



Once the blueprints have been completed and approved, our technologist will input these into the Bombora system to surface the target audiences.

These will then be pushed into the relevant platforms or handed over to the necessary teams to be used for the execution of the campaign.

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