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In my company, we take a long-term view on our marketing campaigns?
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In my company, we have a sales team / key account team / team of people responsible for large accounts?
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In my company, our sales and marketing teams work collaboratively?
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In my company, we have identified target accounts that we'd like to grow or win?
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In my company, we have good relationships with our target accounts?
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In my company, we know that our target accounts can afford to buy from us?
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In my company, we have mapped out the decision makers and/or influencers within our target accounts?
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In my company, +- 80% of our revenue comes from +- 20% of our clients?
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In my company, we use various marketing and sales technologies, such as a Marketing Automation platform and/or a CRM?
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In my company, our products/services are complex and are often difficult to explain?
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In my company, the sales that we make are often high value sales and can cost a lot of money.
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In my company, we have historically spent the following on Marketing Campaigns?

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