B2B Marketing and Account Based Management

An anthropologically informed approach to customer experience and customer expectations, using an ethnographic toolkit to understand and map the customer journey.

What it is

B2B Marketing and Account Based Management

Our Customer Experience Ethnography is 6-week ethnographic process of establishing the gaps in customer experience and defining what the customer experience should be going forward.

The research process kicks off with an internal workshop that maps the customer journey from the internal perspective and includes internal stakeholders such as
sales/marketing/customer service.

This map is used as a skeleton to collect a customer’s perspective of the journey. To do this, the anthropologist conducts in-depth interviews, observational research and comparative analysis to map the key moments for customers, the emotional and functional needs of the customer at each phase, and the decision-making units or personas we need to consider when engaging with customers.

Once the ethnographic research is complete, the research enables us to craft a strategic approach and plan that embeds the principles and the moments that matter into a new customer experience journey for the business.

What you get

B2B Marketing and Account Based Management

A customer experience deep-dive that includes workshops with internal teams for alignment; an interactive ethnographic report that defines the customer experience journey with the moments that matter, and the needs and roles of the decision-making unit/personas.

You need it if

B2B Marketing and Account Based Management

  • You have just gone through a cultural, strategic or positioning shift in your business and need to redefine how you engage with customers


  • You find that customers have varied experiences without a clear reason why
    • You believe that you provide a unique customer experience – but what this is is unclear


    • You don’t think you ‘have’ a customer experience (you do – you’re just not the one defining it!)

    Clients who have bought Customer Journey Ethnography

    B2B Marketing and Account Based Management

    A premium food services brand looking to create and streamline B2B CX along the
    supply chain.

    A luxury lifestyle and property brand launching a CX plan for B2B tenants reflecting their brand essence and direction.

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