There is a common misconception that business purchases are strictly rational decisions. We want to believe that people who are employed to spend company money are more considered objective and less emotional.

Well, we don’t think that’s the whole story.

What is Business Anthropology?

In its simplest form, business anthropology is the use of anthropology, its theory, and methods to study organisations, marketing,  consumer behaviour, and design. 

Whilst the rational aspects (procurement procedures, cost analysis, spreadsheet decisions, etc.) are a major part of the buying journey, deciding factors tend to be highly emotional. We know that buyers are humans, just like you or me, who are influenced and at times governed by emotion.

Buyers in business choose partners who make them feel safe, provide them with opportunities and enable them to make the right decision.

If you’re in sales or marketing, you’ve probably heard the phrase: “It’s all about the relationship”. We hear this a lot as researchers in business, and it confirms exactly what Demographica believes.

People buy from people, and more than that, people buy from people they like.

These deep bonds between customers and brands are rooted in the emotional connections created by shared experiences, and measure future customer value better than brand awareness and customer satisfaction.

This tells us that emotional connections are a science.

That’s why Demographica does our market research differently. We harness anthropology as a discipline to tell the stories of the person or people at the centre. Using various ethnographic research approaches, we look for patterns in the lives and narratives of our buyers.

These business anthropology insights give us a window into the feelings and forces that motivate their decisions, what they do when they think no one is watching, how to create chemistry with them and ultimately, how to get them to speak to you about your brand.

Business Anthropology - 01 Audience Ethnography

An anthropological deep-dive into your target audience to uncover the key insights into who our audience is, and what they do, think and feel on a human level.

Business Anthropology - 02 Product Ethnography

An anthropological approach to gleaning user insight that includes the kinds of experiences, bugbears, needs and behaviours specific products create/enable and how this affects their emotional relationship with the provider/s.

Business Anthropology - 03 Employee Ethnography

Employee Anthropology, is the anthropological analysis of your employees, providing insight that explores your sales culture, defines potential blind spots within teams, and describes employee experience and their role in marketing your brand.

Business Anthropology - 04 Customer Journey Ethnography

An anthropologically informed approach to customer experience and customer
expectations, using an ethnographic toolkit to understand and map the customer journey.

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