Production and Capacity Manager

Demographica is a marketing agency that helps large B2B companies grow their revenue in Africa by transforming how they engage buyers, grow customers, and enable their marketing and sales teams. We are a mid-sized and we work across a variety of touchpoints in the B2B marketing and purchase journey – from brand positioning to engagement programmes and stakeholder experience projects.

Our ambition is to develop signature work for our clients where the standard of the strategic and creative output is high and the impact immense. You will be inspired to uphold this intention and develop excellence.

You can persuade and inspire confidence and enthusiasm within the agency, as well as the broader businesses you work with. You will see an interesting mix of creativity, business logic and astute commerciality.

Main purpose of role;

To manage the capacity and production within the agency PODs/business units. This is in terms of workflow & delivery/execution of all the disciplines as well as coordinate and manage the production efforts of the agency and partners (suppliers) providing complete support across Agency operations to your HoD and POD (business unit).

Key responsibilities:           

  • Understanding each workstreams and the outputs of every job that comes into the agency through to the necessary individuals required to deliver and ensuring timeous delivery on each.
  • Providing detailed and consolidated timing plans for each job
  • Ensuring that briefs are clearly understood and that all relevant information has been provided
  • Understanding of timelines to complete products and assets
  • Ensuring teams are given adequate time to complete tasks and that they deliver as scheduled
  • Tasking for all jobs
  • Reorganising schedules as and when required to accommodate unanticipated client requests
  • Co-ordinating the necessary Strat/anthropologists, designers, studio, creative/art directors
  • Organising necessary freelancers, when required
  • Sourcing costs from freelancers/partners
  • Collaborate with Client Success to formulate objectives and understand requirements
  • Estimate costs and prepare budgets
  • Organise workflow to meet specifications and deadlines
  • Monitor production and resolve issues as and when they arise
  • Working closely with Client Partners, Project Directors and the Creative Director to ensure the quality of production assets being produced
  • Building costs in WorkBook for HOD approval

Additional area of focus:  

  • Exposure to project briefs, budgets and monthly billings
  • Supervise and evaluate performance (with HoD) of production individuals (production assistant and freelancers/suppliers/support staff)
  • Determine required resources for projects
  • Assisting in the production of detailed timing schedules and critical paths
  • Diary support of key resources
  • Keeping a close eye on timing and deadlines to ensure the job is on track
  • Ensure output meets quality standards and you are in constant communication with the talent to ensure work in being done
  • Participating in briefing and brainstorming sessions
  • Co-ordinating weekly and/or daily status meetings
  • Interacting with/supporting processes to help drive and meet deadlines
  • Building good working relationships with all colleagues in each CoE
  • Being instrumental in creating a calm, organised, productive and happy environment

Expected at this level:           

  • Creation and implementation of timing plans -ensuring no deadlines are missed
  • Create and implement work processes
  • Understand deadlines and support to ensure timeous delivery of projects and adhoc assets
  • Ensure output of creative & production meets quality standards
  • Implement direction set by brief in terms of deliverables and ensure execution of each deliverable
  • Manage integration between 3rd party suppliers and various agencies working on the client’s account
  • To maintain a smooth flow of all day-to-day work entering and leaving the agency
  • To be relied upon to create timing schedules from start to completion on all projects
  • Monitoring of timing schedules and reporting on overall progress
  • Efficient scheduling of Strat/creative / Data resources
  • Manages the schedules and workloads of creative staff
  • Manages invoices of freelance creative staff
  • Understand the Demographica products, their processes and time required

Specific to Demographica 

  • Workbook tasks
  • Provide guidance to the teams on WorkBook
  • Approval of all talent timesheets
  • Track time spent on jobs by analysing completed timesheets
  • Manage the workflow of the agency and the production process (timing and execution) and costs in order to maximise agency profitability and client budgets.
  • Manage the workflow of the agency that employees learn, clients trust and great Strat & creative is developed on time and on-budget.
  • Be relied upon for information/opinion on all aspects related to agency production and operations
  • Involvement in “pitches” alongside other agency staff in order to win new business for the agency
  • Understanding of client budgets, including profitability, knowledge of targets as well as internal team financial accountability
  • Ability to problem solve and crisis manage
  • Building and submitting price quotes for approval
  • Creating of purchase orders for approval

Day-to-Day expectation: 

  • Co-ordinating the necessary anthropologists, strategists, designers, studio, creative/art directors and partners
  • Constant tracking and communication with the rollout teams
  • Opening job bags and loading onto the system
  • Managing the production and execution of all campaigns that come into the system from scheduling in to final reporting
  • Attends project kick offs, internal reviews and brainstorms sessions
  • Understand all clients and their specific timing needs based on the ways-of-working (culture and expectation of delivery)
  • Understanding all campaigns and each deliverable entirely
  • Foresee any scheduling conflicts / problems and be able to adjust timing schedules, resources and work flow within the creative department and address/resolve with HoD
  • Briefing relevant individuals regarding the job and communicating the deadlines to all parties
  • Solid communication with up-to-the-minute understanding of pressures & priorities
  • Run and manage a weekly status meeting with all Client Partners, Project Directors and Project Managers
  • Updating and disseminating a weekly status schedule, detailing all deadlines and other requirements i.e. presentation dates etc
  • Coordinating internal meetings for brainstorms, creative reviews, board reviews and briefings
  • Maintenance of all jobs on WorkBook
  • Work closely with Client Service to ensure timing & expectations are managed
  • Ensure that all cost estimates and necessary approvals are signed off by client and agency before proceeding to production

Minimum Requirements:  

  • An industry relevant qualification in Marketing, Communications or Advertising
  • Alternatively, you have a business Degree or Tertiary Diploma
  • Minimum 4 years’ experience working in a coordination role in Production or Traffic
  • Have worked on Chase, WorkBook or other capacity/project management tools
  • Must be able to use Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint
  • Solid experience preparing quotes/CEs/invoices and POs
  • Exposure to Costing Digital Production/Research/Print/Below-the-line production


  • Good Communication skills
  • Team player
  • Proactive
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Professional and Respectful
  • Deadline Driven, operates well under pressure
  • Self-motivated
  • Strategic thinker
  • Client centric (in delivery) and Insight centric (in delivering solution

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