Client: Engen


Project: Corporate Profile Video

How do you connect a fuel and lubricant brand to people on a deeply human level?


Engen tasked us to develop a narrative that best crystalises Engen’s brand essence. Usually, corporate profile videos consider operational information important, i.e., where a company is and what it produces. But we needed to connect the brand to people – on a deeply human level – to create the most meaningful results for the brand.


In tackling the brief, we came to the realisation that Engen lubricants, fuels, chemicals, and retail products and services are fundamental to enabling ordinary Africans and allowing their businesses to thrive in an uncertain economy. Engen is a critical player in stimulating South Africa’s economy, thus telling a true perspective of Engen’s commitment to being ‘a progressive energy and solutions partner, enriching lives for a sustainable future’, right from the source to the end consumer.


Our solution was to use the art of storytelling to humanise the brand’s offering and create a deeper human connection to a company that offers a range of low-consideration commodities, to tell them how Engen intersects their daily lives, in a story about a moment we can all relate to…Because people often forget what you do for them, but they never forget how you make them feel.