Client: Business Banking


Project: A Seat at the Table

Top Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) have access to extremely influential and knowledgeable networks which keeps them ahead of the game. Regular Financial Directors (FDs) don’t.


Nedbank Business Banking wanted to grow their client base by attracting new medium size companies to switch banks. It’s complicated for a company to switch banks so customer acquisition has always been a challenge.


Financial Directors (FDs) of medium size companies don’t have access to the type of business networks that their Chief Financial Officer (CFO) counterparts in large companies have access to. They yearn for more access to engage with the best business minds.


We decided to get these FDs “a seat at the table”. By facilitating roundtable discussions with South Africa’s leading business personalities in full 360 degree virtual reality, we were able to bring the unreachable CFO networks to our medium sized company FDs.


The campaign invigorated the bank’s belief in B2B marketing. The knowledge sharing experience, through a disruptive medium like Virtual Reality, positioned the bank as a lead innovator in the financial services space. To date; a 45% conversion rate has been achieved.

The campaign has been so successful that it is still ongoing.