Nedbank Business Banking: Franchising Solutions

Client: Nedbank


Project: Business Banking: Franchising Solutions

Nedbank Business Banking Franchising Solutions offers business banking and financial products tailored to companies that franchise their operations.

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Nedbank briefed us on an acquisition campaign targeting quick-service restaurants, specifically Debonairs franchisees.

Nedbank’s objectives included:

  • Activation that informed/educated Debonairs franchisees about Nedbank’s Franchising Solutions
  • Awareness and interest regarding Nedbank’s Franchising Solutions within Debonairs franchisees
  • Generation of a meeting between the Debonairs franchisee and a Nedbank Franchise Specialist Banker


Our research team conducted three weeks of immersive anthropology. The objective of the research was to understand what makes Debonairs franchisees tick and what the tacit, non-rational drivers behind choosing their banking products were.

The ‘unknown’ included particularities of their lifestyle, their business needs, the kind of information that they come across when researching banking options, and a general idea of who they are as a person from a behavioural point of view.

Debonairs franchisees insights:

  • They are hands-on
  • They are fully dedicated to their work
  • They are always in the business
  • They put people first
  • They offer a high standard of service, which is fundamental in running their business
  • They expect the same high standards of service from their suppliers and business partners
Nedbank Franchise Case Study
Nedbank Franchise Case Study
Nedbank Franchise Case Study
Nedbank Franchise Case Study


The anthropology team determined that the franchisee is the anchor of their entire business. Every aspect of the operation, from finance to staff training and dealing with suppliers, is their responsibility.

They quite literally have ‘a lot on their plate’. We wanted to show them that Nedbank knows this, that they understand the problems they deal with, and that they want to take some things off of their plate.

A highly personalised Direct Mailer was created that showcased the problems these franchisees experience on a daily basis and the message around it was that their business banking shouldn’t be one of them.

A 3D Nedbank branded mailer was created for each franchisee, in the form of a personalised pizza box.

Designed similarly to an advent calendar, the pizza was divided into perforated slices, with each slice representing an issue or problem that the franchisee has to deal with on a daily basis.

Each perforated slice could be removed to reveal a tangible ‘solution’ to the issue. Under the slice of pizza that read ‘Problem of Banking’, the solution was a personalised business card of the actual Nedbank Franchise Specialist Banker who would be assisting the franchisee should they wish to meet and discuss the product offering.


Nedbank’s initial goal was to reach a 13% conversion to meeting rate. We achieved a 60% conversion rate, which is a phenomenal 370% increase!

Nedbank Franchise Case Study