Standard Bank

Business Banking


Client: Standard Bank Business Banking


Project: Client Acquisition – Medical Sector 

Can a business bank show up meaningfully in the healthcare sector?


To create a campaign targeting companies in the medical sector to position Standard Bank as the preferred bank for medical specialists by creating a unique piece of direct communication that would resonate with the audience.


    We deployed our Business Anthropologists to spend time with prospects to gain an understanding of the target market. Our anthropologists uncovered the following insights:

    • People drawn to careers in medicine have unique personality traits and aptitudes that include high intelligence, compassion, inquisitiveness, and sensitivity to others.

    • These people are also extremely competitive and driven perfectionists.


    The strategy and creative concept development focused on the insights relating to these prospective customers with the intention of creating chemistry between them and Standard Bank.

    A personalised customer journey, including emails, 3D direct mails, and follow-up phone calls would solve for our objectives and generate a meaningful introduction between a Standard Bank relationship manager and a medical specialist. Demographica built a database comprising 700 of the top medical specialists and practitioners in South Africa as the target audience.

    Each prospective customer received a teaser email as well as 3D direct mailer containing a beautifully crafted wooden box and a personalised card.

    All the elements in the box were detailed – whilst the top of the box contained the inscription: ‘There are some things your practice can’t do without.’ Upon opening, the lid of the box revealed an IV blood bag, a common, yet vital piece of life-sustaining medical equipment.

    With instructions, the IV bag tap was opened and the blood-like liquid flowed into the direct mailer box, revealing the message: ‘Ensuring the business side of your practice is taken care of.’

    A follow-up phone call was made to each prospective customer with the objective of landing a meeting between a Standard Bank relationship manager and a medical specialist.