Zurich Insurance


Client: Zurich Insurance


Project: Customer acquisition campaign

How do you sell insurance to BnB 
owners who don’t think they need
specialist BnB insurance?


We needed to position the specialist BnB insurance product to BnB owners and bring in a quirky Zurich flavour to the insurance messaging. We also needed to take the target market on a journey that ultimately allowed Zurich brokers to meet with these potential customers.

The primary objectives were to create awareness of the proposition, educate the market, create sales opportunities for brokers by building a custom database of 2 500 BnBs across the country and to create a piece of communication that is not typical to commercial insurance.


We deployed our Business Anthropologist researchers to spend time with prospects to gain an understanding of the target market. Our anthropologist researchers uncovered the following insights:

  • BnB owners do not consider the unique risks involved in their line of business
  • Many BnB owners are experiencing empty nest syndrome and run their BnB from their homes
  • These individuals are hospitable, trusting, and value relationships
  • Things go missing in their BnBs all the time, and this frustrates BnB owners


Supported by a film production crew, we hired actors and rented rooms in various BnBs across the country. The actors were briefed
to ‘steal’ various items from their BnB rooms. The idea was to return these ‘stolen’ items to the respective BnB owner as a beautifully packaged 3D direct mailer highlighting the BnB’s need for their specialist insurance product. This was then produced into a video to demonstrate to BnB owners that they need Zurich BnB Sure for
their business. 

Continuing with the ‘stolen’ theme, we then uploaded the video onto a USB drive in the shape of a room key, which was packaged alongside a ‘stolen soap’ and, along with Zurich BnB Sure collateral, this was then sent to the BnB owners across the country. 

 Printed collateral, emails, and a follow up phone call supported
each customer journey.