Zurich Insurance

Client: Zurich Insurance


Project: Women’s Innovation Network (WIN)


The Women’s Innovation Network (WIN) was a global initiative launched to celebrate, empower, and uplift the women currently working for Zurich Insurance, heavily focused on taking ownership of one’s own career, while fostering leadership within the organisation.


Zurich Insurance WIN Campaign


Although Zurich Insurance has a female staff complement of 60%, the organisation’s culture is male dominated. ​Women don’t feel recognised, and because of the corporate structure, they struggle to find ways to progress within the organisation.

Demographica was commissioned to conceptualise a full-scale campaign to launch Women’s Innovation Network (WIN) in South Africa and drive signups to this member-orientated network.



In order to tackle this challenge, our Demographica research team conducted two weeks of immersive anthropology at the Zurich Insurance offices in Johannesburg. B2B Anthropology has never been used to contextualise what it means for women to work in the insurance industry in South Africa. ​Through extensive interviewing and participant observation, the team could better understand the kinds of phenomena within the space, including female employees’ desires, drivers, frustrations, goals, and mindsets.​


  • The women who work at Zurich Insurance feel like they needed a space to express themselves, safe from judgement and the intervention of the company​
  • Female employees craved the opportunity to share experiences, feel heard, and network with other women within the company​
  • The women demonstrated a need for the organisation to show an understanding of their needs and pain points and create a platform to foster networking in a fun and engaging way

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Based on the findings, an internal campaign was developed that included teaser collateral, which was placed inside both the female and male bathrooms. The purpose of the teaser collateral was to create awareness and intrigue through thought-provoking messaging, with the ultimate goal being a ’drive to sign up’ to the WIN network.​

Each employee received a personalised direct mailer piece containing a fortune cookie that contained a message, as well as the sign-up link to WIN, again promoting conversation through comparative messaging and driving female staff to register on the platform.​

In terms of longevity, Zurich Insurance SA committed to hosting events for WIN members in order to fulfil the pillars of the programme, including driving cultural change within the organisation, supporting female career development, fostering networking, and creating business value. ​

​Female WIN area members in both Johannesburg and Durban were invited to a fully interactive event, where they were given the opportunity to network and with their peers in a fun, relaxed environment promoting personal network and engagement opportunities. ​

Zurich Insurance WIN Campaign - Print Work
Zurich Insurance WIN Campaign - Print Work
Zurich Insurance WIN Campaign - Box
Zurich Insurance WIN Campaign - Fortune Cookie
Zurich Insurance WIN Campaign - Become a member today


All objectives of the campaign were met and exceeded. The campaign created an awareness of the Women’s Innovation Network (WIN) within the organisation in South Africa that the client was seeking. ​

The launch was a huge success and the drive to sign-ups and registration far exceeded the client’s target of 5% in the first month. Instead, we achieved a sign-up rate of 21.4%, in the first month!​


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