B2B Marketing and Interactive Video Software

Interactive Video Software enables the creation of videos that allow the viewer to interact with the video and customise their experience.

The technology provides three main features which enable this enriched experience.

Interactive Video Software

01 Branching - Interactive Video Software

What is it?

Branching uses conditional logic, or also known as if/then statements, to allow the viewer to choose which path they would like to take within a video. The viewer is provided with two or more options or hotspots, which they can select while watching the video, which will present them with a video stream specific to their selection.

How does it help?

It allows the viewer to tailor their experience, increasing the chances of relevancy and


02 Overlays - Interactive Video Software

What is it?

The ability for the viewer to access various content types, such as PDFs, webpages, and
even other videos, while watching the video. The video will automatically pause while the viewer engages with the piece of content and will resume once the overlay is closed.

How does it help?

It enhances the video experience by providing the viewer with deeper and richer content that is relevant to the topic being discussed in the video.

03 Routing - Interactive Video Software

What is it?

The ability to route the viewer from the video to an external page. This is done by providing the viewer with clickable hotspots that will route the viewer out of the video environment to a new environment.

How does it help?

Enables viewers to continue their journey with you, increasing the chances of

Our preferred technology partner for creating interactive videos is a company called Wirewax. In order to ensure that your interactive videos are a success we provide a range of services to support with your implementation, management, and optimisation.


B2B Marketing and Account Based Management

1 Blue Prints - B2B Marketing and Interactive Video Software


As the addition of interactivity adds a level of complexity to the production of a video, the need for precise planning becomes fundamental to its success. Blueprints inform the various teams which interactive elements will be included at which points within the video.

The blueprints will be informed by working very closely with your team to understand their requirements and objectives and will then be used to inform the production of the video and the build within the Interactive Video technology.

2 Setup - B2B Marketing and Interactive Video Software


The setup of the Interactive Video platform is very basic and involves the uploading of the various video streams and content pieces into the platform.

3 Build - B2B Marketing and Interactive Video Software


Once all the videos and content pieces have been uploaded into the platform, the build will commence. The build which will use the blueprints as the guide, will incorporate adding all the branching, overlay, and routing hotspots and rules.

4 Management and Optimisation - B2B Marketing and Interactive Video Software


To understand the level of engagement with your current video and to ensure future video production efforts are always optimised, we will monitor the various interactions with your video to uncover which areas and topics are popular and drove results.

We will use these insights to provide you with regular reports, highlighting valuable key takeouts as well as optimisation recommendations for your future efforts.

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