B2B Marketing and Account Based Management

Connect your brand with the world’s largest network of active professionals.

What it is

B2B Marketing and Account Based Management

LinkedIn is a professional network with over 690 million members. LinkedIn offers organisations the ability to deliver a variety of digital ads to a specific target audience based on a unique set of criteria. For example, a video ad delivered to LinkedIn members who work in the energy industry with the job title CFO.

In addition to LinkedIn’s advertising platform, LinkedIn also offers sales teams the ability to identify and track prospects based on their professional criteria, for example CTO’s working in companies with more than 1000 employees. Sales teams can also reach out directly to these prospects using direct LinkedIn messages as well as track their prospects engagement with sales collateral, using LinkedIn Smart Links.

What we can do for you

B2B Marketing and Account Based Management

Content & Creative: Here we will select the most suitable ad types for your campaign, examples of ad types are formats like single image, carousal or video ad. We will then design and create your ads, which will comprise of the messaging and the creative look and feel. If sales touchpoints form part of the campaign, we will also create the sales enablement collateral, for example an infographic or case study.

Build: Demographica will then build out your campaign on LinkedIn using the ad creative as well as building your ideal target audience, for example a list of your target accounts overlayed with your decision-making units (DMU’s) job titles, or your website visitors overlayed with company size and job function. At this point we will also set the media budget and schedule amongst other build requirements and rules.

Monitor, Report & Optimise: Once your campaign has launched, we will closely monitor it throughout the campaign period considering any optimization tactics to improve performance. We will also create drill-down reports which will surface data like which companies, industries and members are engaging with your ads. This will help inform the sales activities.

Sales Activities: Once we have identified leads, we will launch the sales activities. Here we will use trackable sales content which will be delivered to these leads on a personal (one-to-one) level, using LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Smart Links. The objective here is often to schedule a meeting with one of your sales/key account managers.


B2B Marketing and Account Based Management

You need it if

B2B Marketing and Account Based Management

  1. You want to deliver custom communications to a specific target audience such as, but not limited to:
  • Decision makers from a specific industry and/or specific company size.
  • A specific list of prospects or customers.
  • Decision makers from a list of target accounts.
  • People who have historically visited specific pages your website
  1. You want to engage directly with prospects which are showing an interest if your ads.
  2. You want to improve the conversion rates from your advertising and sales activities.
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