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Sales enablement software provide an organisation’s sales team with access to a cloud-based environment housing the most recent marketing approved content, which can be used to create personalised and consistent buying experiences.


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Content Centricity

What is it?

The ability to create a centralised content repository by brining marketing approved content together from disparate sources.

How does it help?

Provides your sales team with an easily accessible curated content space

Content Discovery

What is it?

The ability to categorise sales content using folders or tags. For example, categorising content for specific target industries or decision makers.

How does it help?

Allows sales teams to quickly surface and access relevant content using filters, search key words and AI powered recommendations.

Content Distribution

What is it?

The ability to create a collection of various content pieces and types to be shared with prospects.

How does it help?

Enables client facing teams to create highly personalized experiences according to the prospect’s specific needs.

Content Tracking

What is it?

The ability to track and understand which content is popular amongst your sales teams as well as the level and type of engagement from their buyers and prospects.

How does it help?

Guides your sales teams on their next communication with their prospects, as well as informs the future production of content based on what is working and what is not.  

As Demographica is technology agnostic, we have the capability to implement and work with any Sales Enablement platform. Having said that, over time, due to their functionality and power, we have come to prefer working Paperflite.

Demographica categorises technologies into two groups, spine technologies and supporting technologies

Supporting technologies are often campaign dependent and less-complex in nature. Spine technologies are core to an organisation and are used across an organisation’s teams and campaigns. They require more technical know-how.

Since Sales Enablement platforms are considered a spine technology, Demographica provides a range of services to support with its implementation, management, and optimization.


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Setup and Connect


Setting up a Sales Enablement platform is not overly complex, with some simple branding and permissions to be created. However, there may be some more complex integrations required, such as connecting your existing CRM and Marketing Automation systems. This will allow content engagement insights to be pushed and used by other platforms, such as segmenting contacts in your Marketing Automation platform based on content engagement delivered from your Sales Enablement platform.



Successfully implementing a Sales Enablement system, requires an in-depth understanding of the various layers of your organisation’s target audiences, such as accounts, industries, and decision makers; plus how content is or could be used to speak to those audiences. Our technologists will work very closely with your teams to acquire this knowledge. Once achieved, they will create the architectural plans, known as blueprints, which will inform the build within your Sales Enablement platform.



Once the blueprints have been completed and approved, our technologist will convert these on-paper plans into a content framework within your platform. In addition, all existing content will be uploaded and categorised into the relevant sections of the system.




As your various teams will be regularly using the Sales Enablement platform, we will hold training sessions to ensure that all team members are proficient with using the platform. For example, your marketing team will be shown how to upload content, track and pull reports while your sales team will be shown how to drill down to easily find relevant content as well as create unique customer presentations for various prospects.

Management and Optimisation


In order to help manage the changes in your business, we will provide on-going support to help maintain your system, to ensure that the framework is always aligned to your business’s needs

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