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Website Personalisation creates a customised and dynamic website experience for each unique visitor, using a rules-based technology. This technology uses predefined rules, based on the visitor’s profile and/or behavioral information, to display unique website messaging, rather than displaying a generic “one size fits all” experience for visitors.


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01 Website Personalisation

What is it?

The ability to dynamically customise the website features based on a visitor’s behavioural and/or profile information. This is done by defining the criteria which need to be met, for example a visitor’s IP address, and then amending, in real time, the messaging which is displayed for that visitor.

How does it help?

It enables your website to transform from a static “one size fits all” experience to a dynamic and highly relevant experience, enticing more engagement and action.

02 A/B Testing

What is it?

The ability to test which customisations work best, by comparing two dynamic page versions to determine which one is generating greater results.

How does it help?

A/B testing allows you to continuously optimise your website, ensuring that you are creating the most impactful experience for your visitors.

03 Content Recommendations

What is it?

The ability to recommend content to website visitors based on their behaviour. Content recommendations can be made in one of two ways:

1. Using predefined rules, which informs the system which content to recommend based on a visitor’s previous engagement.

2. Using machine learning to learn which content is often viewed consecutively, as well as the content journey which leads to a predefined goal.

How does it help?

This is extremely powerful for B2B buying cycles, with the intention to nurture visitors through the buying journey using valuable content.

04 Product Recommendations

What is it?

The ability to recommend products based on a visitor’s behaviours and is particularly
useful for websites that contain an e-commerce section or provide a wide variety of offerings and services.

How does it help?

It helps visitors easily navigate through the most relevant offerings based on their

As Demographica is technology agnostic, we have the capability to implement and work within any Website Personalisation platform. Having said that, over time, we have come to prefer working with a software called Personyze.

Demographica provides a range of services to support with its implementation, management, and optimisation.


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Setup and Connect


Setting up a Website Personalisation platform is not overly complex, with some simple placement of code on your website pages. However, there may be some more complex integrations required, such
as connecting your existing CRM and Marketing Automation systems. This will allow personal details from your existing databases to be used to create hyper personalized experiences.



Successfully implementing a website personalisation software, requires an in depth understanding of your organisation’s target audience, content strategy, and product offerings. By working very closely with your marketing team, our technologists will create detailed plans, specifying the rules and criteria informing the customisations and recommendations as well as the messaging, content, products, and designs to be triggered once the criteria have been met.



The build is the actualization of the blueprints and is the process of inputting the rules, criteria and dynamic content into the personalisation software.


Management and Optimisation


As an organisation’s website, content, and product requirements are constantly developing, to ensure that your website meets these changes, we will offer on-going management and optimisation of your website personalisation system. We will work closely with your team to understand what rules and content can be added, ensuring that your website is aligned to the organisation’s needs. In addition, we will provide regular reports uncovering rich data insights, indicating how your dynamic website content is performing and generating results, ensuring the best ROI from your system.

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