B2B Marketing and Account Based Management

An anthropological deep dive into your target audience to uncover the key insights into who our audience are, and what they do, think and feel on a human level.

Anthropology – What it is

B2B Marketing and Account Based Management

The anthropology team goes ‘into field’ to glean insights from your target audience. The research takes approximately 4-6 weeks, with 20 or more participants (these can be businesses or groups).

During the fieldwork, we conduct immersive interviews with 1 or more stakeholders in the business which are in-depth, in context interviews lasting between 60 and 90 minutes that are conversational and use a guideline of discussion points.

We also conduct site/field observations which involve shadowing a particular participant to understand the ‘life in a day’ of our audience and capture data on what we see, smell, hear, feel and taste in our audience’s environment.

This helps us to gather the nuance of our audience’s context, which we then draw themes from that reveal our insights.

What you get

B2B Marketing and Account Based Management

A presentation and an interactive ethnographic report that includes human insights about one or more audience segments.

This can include the key tensions in the audience’s world (insights), who the decision-making unit is, their behaviours (channel usage, day-to-day lives) and their psychographic profiles or personas.

You need it if

B2B Marketing and Account Based Management

  • You are entering into a new market or audience segment
  • You have no audience segmentation (or only functional segmentation) and want a more human understanding of your customer variance
    • You need to position your brand and want to create a sustainable, believable emotional connection


    • You are taking a product or service to market and you want to know where your audience is and who they are

    Clients who have bought Audience Ethnography

    B2B Marketing and Account Based Management

    A global drilling contractor wanting to understand cultural norms and potential
    target market stakeholders in west Africa

    A commercial insurance brand launching their unique offering to BnB and boutique hotel owners

    A heritage steel company repositioning and seeking to reconnect with their diverse B2B audience

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