B2B Marketing and Account Based Management

An anthropological analysis of your employees, providing insight that explores your sales culture, defines potential blind spots within teams, and describes employee experience and their role in marketing your brand.

What it is

B2B Marketing and Account Based Management

Based on a research proposal that is co-created by the anthropologist and the team, the anthropologist goes ‘into field’ to glean insights about how employees live your brand.

The research takes approximately 4-6 weeks, with 20 or more participants (these can be teams or individuals). During the fieldwork we shadow the sales team and conduct time-studies and ethnographic interviews on their experiences as salespeople.

Time-studies help us define how the sales teams spend their working hours and where they are commonly stuck or undermined by systems or processes. Interviews are also conducted to establish which traits or learnings are key in enabling salespeople, and where they believe they can add the most value. This report can also include other members of the internal team who may be key in creating the customer experience (call centre, support team, etc).

What you get

B2B Marketing and Account Based Management

A presentation and interactive ethnographic report that provides insight into the experiences of your employees, which can include how employees spend time, employee sentiment and common bugbears in sales enablement.

You need it if

B2B Marketing and Account Based Management

  • Sales and marketing are silo’d


  • You have a heavy reliance on the sales team in closing deals or managing the customer experience


  • You want to drive a culture change in your organisation and need internal buy in
  • You want to discover what intrinsically and extrinsically motivates your teams


  • You want to take something to market and bring the internal teams on the journey

Clients who have bought Employee Ethnography

B2B Marketing and Account Based Management

A financial services provider seeking to engage intermediaries and enable digital

A B2B automotive manufacturer with a focus on closing the decision-phase gap in the purchase cycle.

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