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An anthropological approach to gleaning user insight that includes the kinds of experiences, bug bears, needs and behaviours specific products create/enable and how this affects their emotional relationship with the provider/s.

What it is

Demographica Specialist B2B Marketing Agency

The anthropology team goes ‘into field’ to glean insights about how users engage with a particular product or service. The research takes approximately 4-6 weeks, with 20 or more participants (these can be businesses or groups).

During the fieldwork we ask participants to complete tasks (pay a creditor, log a ticket on an ERP system, make an insurance claim) while the anthropologist observes them and takes notes on their behaviour.

The anthropologist will also ask questions pertaining to why a particular decision/action was taken by the participant. These ethnographic interviews can help make sense of rituals and practices while the person is currently engaged in performing the task.

This fieldwork can include lengthy observational sessions and has a strong focus on the user (as the user may not be the buyer).

What you get

Demographica Marketing Agency

A presentation and an interactive ethnographic report providing behavioural and functional data on how users and/or buyers interact with products or services.

You need it if

Demographica Specialist Marketing Agency
  • You‘re looking to take a product to market in a highly commoditized space


  • You need to define a USP for a product or service
    • You are looking for the data to support a change in design and marketing strategy


    • You’re seeking to better understand why users/buyers are dissatisfied and where you can improve

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