Demographica Wins AdFocus Award with a Purpose-Driven Campaign

Demographica proudly announces its recent win of the prestigious 2023 AdFocus Creative Challenge Award. The award recognises the impactful work of both Gareth Lessing and Dhasagan Pillay, who have not only won accolades but are also making a tangible difference by literally saving lives.

In an industry where the urgency culture can sometimes overshadow the bigger picture, this dynamic duo has demonstrated that advertising, too, can play a vital role in the broader community. The recent campaign, led by Executive Creative Director, Gareth Lessing, and Creative Director, Dhasagan Pillay, goes beyond the conventional boundaries of ad agencies, proving that their work is more than just creating catchy slogans and eye-catching visuals – it is about saving lives.

Demographica thanks Gareth Lessing and Dhasagan Pillay for their outstanding work, embodying the agency’s commitment to making a positive impact on the world. The campaign not only showcases exceptional creativity but also serves a pure and noble purpose, reflecting the agency’s dedication to using its influence for the greater good.

Gareth Lessing shares, “In the realm of ad agencies, there are moments when we need to emphasise that ‘we’re not in the business of saving lives.’ Yet, through this campaign, we’ve convincingly demonstrated that we can actively play a part in making a meaningful impact on lives.”

Dhasagan Pillay adds, “It’s always nice to have your work validated by your peers. But it’s especially nice this year, a year when AdFocus up weighted creativity in the metrics our industry uses to measure agency performance and business acumen.”

The campaign urges the public to join the cause by making a blood donation. Every contribution counts, with the campaign highlighting that three lives can be saved with each donation.

“As an organisation that aims to be the cornerstone of healthcare services in South Africa, through the gift of life and trusted to save lives by providing blood products and services at a world-class level, it is humbling to see the work done by Demographica to assist us to get to as many potential donors as possible. Currently, only about 1% of South Africans are blood donors and it is initiatives like these that will help to shine the spotlight on this critical lifesaving mission,” adds Thandi Mosupye, Senior Manager of Marketing Communication and Brand at the South African National Blood Service.

Visit the South African National Blood Service (SANBS) for more information on blood donation and its impact on saving lives.

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