Top 3 reasons B2B marketers should be rethinking the value of long-form content

As a marketer, finding new ways to captivate your audience and stand out in today’s crowded digital landscape remains an ongoing and increasingly difficult challenge. And while short-form content does a great job of grabbing attention, appealing to often time-strapped consumers with their notoriously short attention spans, long-form content is, as a result, quickly and easily dismissed or overlooked when it comes to its inclusion in content marketing strategies.

But within the B2B marketing realm, it offers several unique benefits that short-form content is not able to deliver as effectively. Here’s a closer look at 3 of the unique benefits this type of content can bring to your B2B marketing strategy.

Brand Credibility
In a world where information is readily available and easily accessible, establishing and maintaining trust with your audience is more important than ever. This is especially the case when it comes to B2B marketing where big-ticket purchase decisions not only result in longer buying cycles but the need for more in-depth, well-researched information.

And it is here that long-form copy ticks all the boxes when it comes to establishing credibility by:

  • Providing value: Giving your audience access to valuable information, whether it’s a how-to guide or a case study, shows that your brand is committed to serving its audience.
  • Building trust: Providing in-depth, valuable content, also indicates that you’re not just trying to sell something, but you’re genuinely interested in helping your audience which establishes trust.
  • Demonstrating expertise: Creating in-depth, informative content shows your audience that you’re knowledgeable and have a deep understanding of the subject matter, helping you establish yourself as a thought leader in your field.

Audience Engagement

When it comes to engaging your audience, long-form content can be a powerful tool.

Here’s why:

  • Building a connection: Providing valuable information and sharing your knowledge builds and grows a connection with your audience, which over time establishes trust making it more likely that they will continue engaging with you.
  • Encouraging interaction: Long-form content generally generates more comments and shares than shorter pieces. Promoting conversation and encouraging interaction with your audience can improve engagement and build relationships.
  • Keeping attention: Long-form content allows you to deep dive into specific or more complex topics. This will keep them interested and engage them for longer.
  • Improving retention: Spending more time reading your content helps means your audience is far more likely to remember what they learned or read about, promoting ongoing future engagement.

SEO Optimisation

By creating in-depth, valuable content, you’re not only providing a better experience for your audience, but you’re also making it easier for search engines to understand and promote your content, making it a valuable asset for your SEO strategy.

Long-form content helps with that by allowing for:

  • Keyword optimisation: By allowing more opportunities to include industry, product, or service keywords search engines are better able to understand and rank it.
  • Increased dwell time: Search engines interpret the time spent on your site reading your content as a signal that your content is valuable and relevant, which improves your search engine ranking.
  • More internal linking opportunities: With more opportunities to link to other relevant content on your site, it improves navigation and helps search engines understand the structure of your site.
  • Social signals: Sharing on social media, drives more traffic to your site, which can also improve your search engine ranking.

So with all of the above in mind, and considering the powerful punch long-form content packs within the B2B marketing realm, isn’t it time you rethink its value in your next content strategy?



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