Client: BCX


Project: Annual Brand Campaign

How can we articulate an ICT company’s value proposition in a human centric way?


BCX’s offering encompasses a multitude of services and outputs and is difficult to encapsulate the offering in a simple statement.  

Our challenge was to create a brand film that demonstrates the BCX offering and brand promise of “re-inventing customer experience” in a way that is compelling and differentiated in an industry that is typically commoditized. 



It’s not about the brand. It’s about what the brand enables.  

 The value of what BCX does is often unseen – though BCX touches the lives of millions of South Africans every day. The norm in the category is to communicate using jargon and stock imagery, and therefore it becomes challenging to demonstrate the value that is offered to the market beyond technical specifications.  

We needed to change the narrative. We needed to show not what BCX offers, but what BCX enables.  



We decided to prove BCX’s promise, and the proof is in BCX’s customers’ stories. By using the creative device of “Based on a true story”, we could show how BCX enabled outcomes for its clients’ customers. For example, facilitating the fuel pipeline from Mozambique so customers could fill up their petrol tanks; facilitating digital transactions so customers can purchase what they need in stores, connecting colleagues to each other so they can continue to work from home with ease. 


The ”Based on a True story” mechanic allowed us to communicate on a more emotional, relatable, and human level. This style of communication is disruptive in the ICT market that is normally characterized by jargon-heaven, corporate language. It enabled us to contextualize the BCX’s offering into tangible, human outcomes, and to ultimately prove that “Our Most Important Customer, is Yours” is not just a tagline, but the very DNA of BCX.