Client: SANBS


Project: Acquisition Marketing

Develop a plan that helps SANBS replace its corporate blood drive donations for the year



During COVID-19 corporate blood drives and donations became impossible, which lead to The South African National Blood Service (SANBS) commissioning us to uncover alternative ways to drive blood donations at the same quantity as corporates had historically done – 3500 units a day.


During our research, we discovered that housing estates were a new untapped audience. Our anthropologists discovered that when talking to housing estate audiences, we needed to speak to several groups in the DMU; namely the Home Owners Association, the Managing Agent, and the Estate Manager or Board. We also learned about people’s fears and reservations when giving blood.

  1. People need models, examples and mentors (social proof) who model donation behaviour.
  2. The bystander effect inhibits the urgency/need for others to get involved.
  3. DMU members feel that community value is just as important as fiscal value in creating an attractive estate.

Running an estate is not just about managing an asset its also about playing a part in shaping a community.


`Get decision makers in body corporates who shape the culture and experiences of communities by making decisions on what is allowed to allow a blood drive in estates by inspiring them to enable an opportunity for their community/estate to do something good at a time when everyone is craving something positive

We want to inspire people to enable their communities to do good in a time when everyone needs some positivity.

During tough times, people want a sense of community. A sense of “oneness”.
A sense that, no matter what, we’re all in this together, for our communities, and country.

We can all be part of…

Blood Drive-in

Beyond the estate backed blood drives, we will also host a few key events in specific suburbs:

The Blood Drive Drive-Ins

Those with tickets from their complex blood drives will get free entry while their guests or other people from other complexes, free-standing homes and estates can join. Their payment is that at least 1 person in their car will have to donate blood while watching the movie.