B2B Marketing and Account Based Management

Some of the best advocates for your brand can be your own employees.

What it is

B2B Marketing and Account Based Management

Employee Advocacy is empowering, enabling and encouraging your employees to promote and amplify your companies’ brand via their social media networks using curated marketing content. An Employee Advocacy technology streamlines the process, allowing employees participating in the programme to seamlessly access and share content, while employers can track and measure the performance and efficacy of their programs.  

What you get

B2B Marketing and Account Based Management

Strategy: Our strategists will develop the plan which will guide your employee advocacy programme and ultimately determine its success. The strategy will inform the type of content which will be generated, the messaging, the grouping of content per teams and the frequency of the content to be produced and shared.  

Setup: To make sure that your employee advocacy platform is ready for go live, we will work closely with your teams. The setup will include but is not limited to, adding all program users, creating user groups (informed by the strategy), and setting up sharing and gamification rules.

Training and Onboarding: Once your platform is setup, we need to ensure that your employees are comfortable with using the platform and that they understand the value and impact of sharing content with their networks. We will therefore hold training sessions with your employees so that they are motivated and able to hit the ground running from when content is first published.

Content Creation: On an ongoing basis we will create, produce and upload a variety of social media content (informed by the strategy) to be shared with your teams.

Monitor, Report & Optimise: To ensure the success and efficacy of your Employee Advocacy programme we will closely monitor the behaviour of your teams as well as the reach and engagement with the shared content. We will provide drill-down reports which will surface which employees and content are performing best and recommend any optimization tactics to improve future performance.

You need it if

B2B Marketing and Account Based Management

You want to amplify your brands reach using curated marketing content, by leveraging your employee’s social media networks, especially if you have:

  • 10 or more employees.
  • Employees which are active on social media.
  • Employees which have strong social media networks.

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