Demographica ExecEd is an executive education platform that aims to be the foundation of a healthy ecosystem of knowledge, learning, growth and development to create world class B2B marketing practitioners out of Africa.

The ExecEd platform runs a series of masterclasses, workshops, expert panels, conferences and webinars and is available to anyone that wants to get exposure to world class skills, cutting edge thinking and the latest innovation in B2B marketing techniques.

List of courses

The 7 Golden Rules of B2B Above the Line Advertising

(Onsite or online)

If you are involved in running above the line marketing campaigns for B2B brands then it is essential that the 7 Golden Rules of B2B advertising are applied in order to make your advertising move the revenue needle. Gone are the days when above the line advertising is carried out only to create brand awareness.

B2B Marketing Technology Roadmap

(Onsite or online)

Every B2B marketing organization can benefit from implementing the appropriate marketing technology (martech). What martech does your company have, what do you need, what are other B2B companies investing in? An essential combination of analysis, overview and workshop.

B2B Social Selling Training Program

(Onsite or online)

For the marketing and sales teams of B2B companies, the art of using social media to find, connect with, understand and nurture sales prospects is the modern way to develop meaningful relationships with potential customers so your company is top of mind when prospects are making a purchase decision.

Account Based Marketing Workshop

(Onsite or online)

An exclusive Account Based Marketing (ABM) workshop focusing on the current challenges and opportunities within your organization and how strategically implementing ABM programs can move the revenue needle. This program is for companies that have already started their ABM journey.

Account Based Marketing Masterclass

(Onsite or online)

An Account Based Marketing (ABM) masterclass for B2B brands that are at the beginning of their ABM journey. You will leave with a broad understanding of ABM principles and the tools to get started on your ABM journey.

The Best B2B Campaigns in the World

(Onsite or online)

Learn from some of the most effective and creative B2B campaigns in the world. We’ve put together case studies which seek to explore the business objectives and accompanying creative solutions from some of the biggest B2B brands in the world.


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